Military Dictatorship and Hieratical Political Leaders Failed in Bangladesh

Topics: Government, Bangladesh, Local government Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: September 14, 2010
Military dictatorship and hieratical political leaders failed in Bangladesh Military dictatorship and hieratical political leaders failed in Bangladesh to institutionalize democracy and ensure development and liberty for the people. It looks like that we have to restart from the beginning. As early as 1965 the late Akhter hamid Khan of Comilla Academy had a vision to take government to the doorstep of common people through a local government and micro- enterprises under cooperative with management support from a rural based bureaucrats and reduce the revenue burden of the central government a corresponding reduction of members in the centralized bureaucratic administration. To invoke public propositions and opinion in this regard, the following few points have been innumerate to be further developed in future. 1. Bangladesh was liberated by the toiling masses at great sacrifices primarily by farmers, labors and students, though history did not credit them for their role and instead placed all laurels and benefits of the liberation war to the army, politicians, bureaucrats, greedy elitist and business community to whom all the wealth and privileges and legal concessions of all the Governments have been showered upon. Another liberation war is necessary to liberate real peoples and ensure their development. 2. 5 points were fundamental basis of ensuring all right, entitlement & justice to peoples of a promised Sonar Bangla. On that same basis we have to restructure & reform our executive & judicial functions with maximum autonomy & power to local government leaving only such functions as National security, Foreign affairs, Currency, reserve bank & federal financial affairs, Planning support and coordination, One integrated national Industrial corporation for development of Basic & large Industries, One integrated R & D council for development of Science and technology, with major emphasis on empirical research. One National Multimode integrated Transport Network...
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