MIS 3534 Executive Report 2

Topics: Local government, Government, Government agency Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: July 13, 2015
Brittany Bardo
Min-Seok Pang
MIS 3534

Executive Report #2: Topic #3 – Southeastern Pennsylvania Joint Infrastructure Consolidation Project

I. Introduction:
The city of Philadelphia is proposing that the Southeastern Pennsylvania municipalities build a shared computing infrastructure that integrates the enterprise systems for common intergovernmental functions such as police, accounting, payroll, tax deduction, and utility. This proposal includes neighboring local governments: Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware counties. By Montgomery County participating in the consortium, the project can promise the government savings of millions in tax and government revenues, less energy consumption, improved security, efficiency for service employees, and many other benefits. However, by not participating in the consortium, there are also many benefits such as flexibility, independent decision making, and control that would not be available if they were to participate in a shared computing infrastructure.

II. Evaluation:

Participation in the Joint Infrastructure Consolidation Project Not Participating in the Joint Infrastructure Consolidation Project Pros
Improved Security: strictly enforced standards and the reduction of networks and data centers, thereby reducing the number of vulnerable seams Lower Costs for taxpayers and government
Lower energy consumption on shared systems
Easier maintenance on one set of common systems
Consistent and improved user experience
Stability as vendors normally change/come and go
More standardized data centers: easier to access, relocate, and monitor resources Improved efficiency of service employees: can provide better service to citizens Minimizes unnecessary redundancies and duplication of data

Local support and service
Allows flexibility for the different agencies
Each agency can control and set up systems differently to meet their needs Each municipality can make their own decisions and...
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