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Assignment b
So, Like, You Want Your Kids To Speak, Like, Properly

Teenagers are destroying the language that some people, till this day, have loved and adored. That is the most common opinion around the globe, and especially in the United States of America, where debates during recent years has flourished and has been given a decent amount of attention. Of course, as needed in any form of debate, many americans also support the teenagers way of talking, and says that what the youth is doing to the language, is only developing it into what might be common in just a couple of decades. A big part of this debate is also about whether or not you can trust the objectivity of those, who themselves has children, because of the fact that almost every parent in some ways are influenced by their kids. Lisa Belkin, a reporter from the Huffington post, is one of the people representing the opposing team, who publicly have criticized the younger generations language. In the article, So, Like, You Want Your Kids To Speak, Like, Properly, published in February 2012, in the Huffington Post, she openly and very determined presented her readers with her opinion, and her opinion only. Though journalists before, has written articles concerning this topic, she have chosen to use a major part of her article quoting other journalist and fellow parents. Lisa Belking, as mentioned, is against these young people, who talks with incorrect grammar, for example to use the word “like” almost constantly and in every sentence, or to pronounce the last word in a sentence with a so called “vocal fry”, which in the video “Burned out on the fry” by Salie Faith, is pointed out that it is not only teenagers, but also adult women, such as the celebrity sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Though many are against this, it is documented in the Salie Faith video, that the general perceiving of women, who are making this vocal fry, is that they are “urban-oriented upwardly mobile American women”.1...
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