Modules two sba outline

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Module Two
Please note that the piece selected for analysis must relate to the theme selected. The analysis of the theme should not exceed 350 words.
The language assessment in Module Two requires the student to write a critical analysis of a piece of written communication commenting specifically on: Language registers
Dialectal variations
Attitudes to language
Communicative behaviour

A. Language registers

These refer to the kinds of English appropriate to a particular purpose/situation. It deals with levels of formality or informality that are correct for specific context. In deciding which register is suitable for a given situation, you need to consider the audience for which the communication is intended, the nature of the subject matter, the medium which may include non-verbal elements of communication and the writer’s attitude towards the contents he writes about. Language registers may be identified as formal or informal.


For print in which no direct response from a reader is expected. E.g.would everyome please proceed upstairs at once? Examples of formal registers-consultative-the speaker supplies background information, assuming it to be necessary for full comprehension by a listener who is expected to participate continuously -Frozen: for print


Used in casual or informal settings.

1. Casual: for dialogue between friends, acquaintances or insiders in which slangs are used. 2. Intimate: for communication between people who are very close and employ minimum sentence structure and jargon which may be restricted to and understand by such people.

B. Dialectal Variation

This refers to spoken and written use of language within a speech community. Speech related variation within the Caribbean may be located on the Creole continuum. This is a spectrum of language variation linking the more standard end of the linguistic range to the Creole end. The spectrum is as follows: Acrolect: this refers to the most standard variety of Creole

Mesolect: varieties which are closer in features to the standard language and which are primarily used in urban areas.

Basilect: represents the variety used in the rural areas and which has mainly Creole features. N.B. Jamaica and Guyana ustilize acrolect, Mesolect, basilect

In commenting on dialectal variations you must be aware of the differen type of English spoken by people in the Caribbean.

1. Colloquial English: this refers to a variety of English that is conversational. It is characterized by casual constructions, short sentences and every day vocabulary such as would be found in the relaxed speech of educated people.

2. Rasta English: this is the variety of English made popular by the Rastafarian culture which consists of biblical words relating to Africa and there is a dominant play of the words “I am” to “I” or “I and I”

3. Profane English: this refers to impolite and shocking expressions used in cursing. These may involve the use of God, religious things, sex, sexual organs and sexual practices.

4. Erudite English: this contains features that show that the speaker is knowledgeable of words, phrases and idioms which are considered difficult.

5. Foreign English: this is used mainly by tourists and expatriates(from other countries) where English is a major language. It may also be spoken by Caribbean Nationals who try to imitate the accent of tourists with whom they communicate or associate.

6. Radio and Television English: this involves sound and the human voice in electoral media. This type of English may be divided int four categories:

a) Newscast
b) Music programme
c) Advertisement
d) General public features

C. Attitudes to Language

Attitudes to the variety of English spoken in the Caribbean results in a number of factors including historical and social ones. The association of education formality and good tastes with Standard English and the question of whether Creole is appropriate, is...
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