Motivation of Rural women threw SHG and Microfinance to become active entrepreneur and their empowerment.

Topics: Economics, Self-help groups for mental health, Economic growth Pages: 5 (1287 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Motivation and Women entrepreneurship
Motivation of Rural women threw SHG and Microfinance to become active entrepreneur and their empowerment. Author: Amita Gandhi
Every development needs motivation, the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas especially among women, requires strong motivation. As “the motivation is the technique Motivation can be anything that arouses an organism toward action for a desired goal. Motivation can be the reason for the action or that which gives direction to an action”. Introduction:

Women play a very important role in the economic development of India. They are involved in business activities at all levels, making important contributions to economic growth. Indian women are active part of economy. A woman in rural areas contributes to household income through farm and nonfarm activities. Development of women entrepreneurship among rural women in India is low which is required to be enhanced. Now days self-help groups (SHGs) is doing very important role to motivate women in entrepreneurship through micro-finance. SHGs are not only increasing in rural women entrepreneurship but also in urban women entrepreneurship. Women have become aware of their existence their rights and their work situation threw SHGs. To alleviate the poverty and to empower the women, the micro-finance has emerged as a powerful instrument in the new economy. The movement of SHG has spread out in India. The members of SHGs now become entrepreneurs. microfinance and SHG together have induced Innovative thinking and farsightedness, quick and effective decision making skill, ability to mobilize and marshal resource, strong determination and self confidence, preparedness to take risks, accepting changes in right time, access and alertness to latest scientific and technological information qualities in women therefore they are actively running their own business with help of SHGs. They are actively running business like, food processing and preservation, catering services and fast food centers, interior decoration, DTP and Book binding, dairy, poultry, house-hold appliances, stationeries, packing and packaging, diagnostic lab and pathology clinics, communication centers with telecom, fax, browsing and Xeroxing facilities, readymade garments, embroidering and fashion designing, retail selling, art and painting works, hiring of warehouses and godowns, floral decorations, jewellary, beauty parlors. Though women entrepreneurship is a recent phenomenon in India which came into prominence in late 1970’s now we see that more and more women are venturing as entrepreneurs in all kinds of business and economic activities and service sector. Though at the initial stage women entrepreneurship developed only at urban areas, lately it has extended its wings to rural areas. SHGs is a viable organization and it supply micro credit to the women which help to establish small enterprise at their own for their self development and economic empowerment of rural women through entrepreneurship and the advantages of entrepreneurship among the rural women led to develop the family and the community as whole.

The Concept of Self-Help Groups
Self-Help Groups are, however, such institutions where members with their own collective small savings try to help the group members. A small group moves forward towards self-empowerment. The needy persons, the group members, are mostly poorest of the poor and have determination to strengthen themselves economically and socially. Usually these people individually have no access to formal banking system. Moneylenders exploit them in the hours of their needs. To overcome both these situations there is a felt-need to create Self-Help Groups. Members with their collective resource take up some income-generating activities which will bring additional income to their household. These institutions thus become powerful tools for poverty alleviation and social cohesion at the grassroots level. The SHGs of...
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