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Collocational Differences Between L1
and L2: Implications for EFL Learners
and Teachers
Karim Sadeghi
learners are most likely to face great
obstacles in cases where they negatively transfer their linguistic knowledge of the L1 to an L2 context.

1. Do collocational differences between Persian and English lead to inaccuracies in the production of the latter?
2. What proportion of collocational errors in the L2 (English) are directly caused by L1 (Persian) interference?

English language, Iranian (Farsi, Azari) language.
Differences in collocational patterns
between the L1 and the L2 (Persian and English respectively) do seem to produce problems of production for L2 learners, especially at lower levels of proficiency.

The data presented above seem to indicate that differences between L1 and L2 collocational patterns contribute substantially to errors in the production of L2 collocations for proficient as well as less proficient EFL learners. It was also revealed that most collocation problems can be attributed to negative transfer from L1

Explicit instruction of collocations

to plan courses dealing with aspects of
language proficiency, including collocational knowledge, throughout the period of English study rather than only during the first few semesters.

the significance of collocations should receive
increased attention from teaching experts and curriculum specialists, who should in turn promote teaching them and include them in syllabi.

Mother tongue and students’ academic
performance in English language among
secondary school students
Olanipekun, Shola Sunday1, Atteh, Deborah2, Zaku, James Andokari3, Sarki, Philip Ereson4 gender disparity in language
studies and majorly, the effect and relation between mother
tongue and students’ academic peformance in English
Mother Tongue, Students’ Academic Performance, English and Yoruba Language It was discovered that mother tongue had no effect on academic performance in English language since there is no correlation between students’ academic performance in mother tongue and English language. On the basis of gender, it was revealed that female students outclass their male counter-parts in English language while in Yoruba the finding was at variance

(However, the above finding is at variance with the
findings of Aladejana and Odejobi (1999) when they
revealed that a child will learn faster and better if he is
taught in his mother tongue at the early stage of his
education. It was identified that the mother tongue
instruction will help the children to acquire facts and
information easily and quickly interpret information
obtained properly and correctly acquire practical and
manipulative skills easily and develop desirable attitudes
towards people.)
1. Teachers of English Language are reminded that
teaching of English Language should not be geared
towards passing examination in English per se; rather
the emphasis should be on competence of students in
writing, reading and speaking as well. This will help
in no small measure in making them understand not
only English but all other subjects that are taught in
English Language.
2. Teachers should bear in mind that most students need
to be adequately encouraged to speak English
Language at school since they have no opportunity of
practicing at home.
The Impact of Mother Tongue on Students’ Achievement in
English Language in Junior Secondary Certificate Examination in Western Nigeria
David Adebayo Oluwole
The study investigated if mother tongue is solely the cause of the students’ woeful performance in English Language in Junior School certificate Examination or if there are other complementing factors.

The following research questions will be used in:
a. Does mother tongue interference have
influence on the written and spoken English of
secondary school students?
b. To what extent would the...
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