Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis

Topics: Linguistics, Teacher, Applied linguistics Pages: 4 (864 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis
Cyndi Frawley
Michelle Jervell
December 2, 2012


1. Are the objectives aligned with academic standards? State how the lesson objectives support the academic standards.

SIOP (Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), 2012): Yes, this 1st grade lesson plan is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). What is a Dragonfly? Lesson Plan explains the four key standards: Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language that are taught in this lesson. The lesson supports the standards by clearly stating that the students will be able to label the parts of a dragonfly, identify important information about a dragonfly, listen to their partner’s ideas, write a descriptive sentence about dragonflies, and know key vocabulary listed.

EEI (Essential Elements of Instruction, ND): Yes, this 5th grade lesson plan is aligned with Arizona State Standards. The Cinderella Variant Project Lesson Plan lists the standards number and the description of the standards being addressed within this lesson. The standards addressed in this lesson show that the students would be able to recognize and apply knowledge of the literature, describe the historical and cultural aspects, use organizational strategies, and write a reflection about the historical and cultural differences between the six Cinderella Variants.

2. Are the assessments aligned with the objectives? Is it explicitly clear what the students should know and be able to do by the end of the lesson? What is the evidence demonstrating mastery of knowledge and/or skills of which will support the lesson objectives?

SIOP (Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), 2012): Yes, the assessment is aligned with the objectives in the lesson plan. The knowledge and skills of the students are clearly stated. An illustration of the assessment activity is provided that supports the objectives.

EEI (Essential Elements of Instruction, ND):...
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