My Essay = My View on Chemo Therapy

Topics: Chemotherapy, Cancer, Oncology Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: March 12, 2013
There are so many ways to rid or attempt to rid a person of cancer. Things have surfaced anywhere from radiation therapy to smoking medicinal marijuana, but the main one that is administered is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease especially cancer through chemical substance. This method of treatment although successful is “literally burning your body up from the inside out” states Maze magician Jim Monroe. Therefore these drugs were meant for beneficial purposes but are killing those who it was meant to help. Chemotherapy drugs can be divided into several groups based on things such as how they work, chemical structure, and relationship to another drug. But because some drugs act in more ways than one, they may belong to numerous groups. Knowing how the drug works is important in predicting side effects. This helps oncologists (doctors specializing in Cancer treatment) decide which drugs are likely to work well together. Therefore as some of the population believes chemotherapy is a round of drugs not just a singular drug that has all the right qualities. But with these “series” of drugs not only come the handful of beneficial things it also brings in the other hand a series of more serious side affects. For example the drug that is to rid the patients of cancer but I’m focusing more on women with ovarian and breast cancer and the drug that is given named Taxol. This drug is described on the very website that tells you its functions, that it is an irritant and causes inflammation of the vein when an IV is administered, because there is no pill form of this substance. The side effects also warns that only a doctor or head nurse should administer the drug because if any of the drug escapes the vein it will cause tissue damage. With these particular chemical rounds
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