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Topics: Human, Linguistics, Language Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 3, 2013
How do babies develop language
Language is the major means in which human beings communicate . Language is also needed to satisfy the human need to speak out emotions , complex needs , thoughts and ideas . Spoken language is a structured set of sounds while written language is a structured set of symbols . Language is acquired or learned , and the ability to use language effectively greatly affects our ability to operate well within society . There are different forms of language , which are used at different times for different situations , these requires a high level of skill and young children need the opportunity to acquire this skill . Sounds are the raw materials of spoken language . These sounds come together to form words , combined and brought together in special and complex ways to form sentences . The meaning in a sentence is communicated by the way in which words are combined . For most children , the ability to pronounce words correctly and to use appropriate grammar are acquired in the same way as other language skills . Children require good role models , the opportunity to use their language skills and positive feedback to adjust and refine these skills . There are times , however , that some children have difficulties in pronouncing words which may require help from speech therapist . These children 's needs are greatly important and to seek help for the child language is the main tool that human beings use for thinking . Thinking can be done without language , such as recalling pictures , images and tactile sensation but these are just considered as simple level : These ways of thinking and recalling information are not complex enough for all that is demanded of human beings (Beaver 139

First language acquisition
Most researchers have the same opinion that typically , developing healthy babies go through the same language acquisition stages no matter what their first language is . Newborn infants cry , but they do not make speechlike sounds...
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