Napoleon Bonaparte

Topics: Government, Democracy, Autocracy Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: April 6, 2014
The source states that in certain situations one strong, powerful leader would be the best option for the nation. A strong all powerful leader can lead to dictatorship. By definition, a dictator is a ruler with complete power over a country, which is sometimes obtained by force. A dictator provides a sense of unity and makes it easier to tame out of control situations. Under a dictatorship, the nation being governed is easily controlled by censorship of the media that does not have much say in the actions of its leader. There is little to no power assigned to the people. A democracy, on the other hand, allocates power to the people. In this form of government, all members of the legislature are elected by the population of the nation. An efficient democracy needs a coexistence between a ruling party and an opposing party so that all views of the population may be heard and considered, although in the end the majority rules. A democratic leader must be thoughtful and consider change when wanted and/or needed. A democratic leader is there to serve the individual, rather than in a dictatorship where the individual serves the leader. Citizens are trusted in a democracy and given the ability to make their own decisions and act based on their own beliefs. Within a democracy, it may take loner to react to an emergency, unlike a dictatorship where an action may be taken immediately. In a democracy the government must answer to the voters which can take long periods of time to execute and approve while a dictator can make a quick decision based on his/ her judgements and jump to action. A national emergency could be a war, a natural disaster, a shortage of essential goods, an economic deficit, or any other major even impacting the nation as a whole. Napoleon Bonaparte is an example of a fast acting dictator. He showed strength, ingenuity on the battlefield, and the ability to think quickly while making beneficial decisions. Upon his escape from exile he jumped directly back...
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