Nine Types of Intelligences

Topics: Linguistics, Learning, Intelligence Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 10, 2011
The types of intelligence are as follows:

Spatial: People who are spatially intelligent are good at visual things such as visual arts like architecture and designing.

Linguistic: People who are linguistic are good with verbal and written things. They are usually good at reading, writing, telling stories, learning languages and public speaking. They learn best by discussing, debating, reading and writing.

Logical-mathematical: These people are good with reasoning, abstractions, logic and numbers. They're usually very good at mathematics, chess, computer programming and similar. They excel at these things. They're best suited to jobs such as scientists, enigineers, philosophers, doctors...

Bodily-Kinesthetic: These people are really good at using their body to learn and achieve. These people often use their body in a way to revise and remember things using their body (not remembering but via movement). These people are often athletes, actors, dancers, soldiers and similar.

Musical Intelligence: These people are very sensitive to noise and rhythms. They are often very good at learning musical instruments and singing and often learn through making songs. Singers, composers, conductors etc are often gifted in this way.

Interpersonal: Interpersonally intelligent people are very good with people. They tend to be epmathetic and sensitive towards the plight of others and are often extroverted. They are good communicators and often become things like politicians and social workers.

Intrapersonal: People with intrapersonal intelligence are often introverted and prefer to work alone. They are very good at deciphering their own feelings and understanding their sense of self, what makes them unique and using it to their advantage. People with intrapersonal intelligence are often theologians, writers, lawyers etc.

Naturalistic: These people are very good with nature and can relate well to natural surroundings. They tend to become farmers, wildlife...
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