Noam Chomsky

Topics: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Psychology Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: March 2, 2014
For years since I started to study English after the age of 10, I've always been frustrated at the lack of improvement in my ability to speak English without a trace of foreign accent and my ability to write without any grammatical errors. It always seemed to me that learning languages is unlike learning anything else. I can logically understand the pronunciation of the a word and the rules of grammar, but for an unknown reason, I always found it hard to incorporate logical knowledge of language into the actual speaking and writing of English. So a question evolved in my mind: Why is it, that even if you study a language for more than 10 years, you will never be able to improve up to the level of the native speakers?

At first I though the answer would be something to the extend of finding a region of the brain that is specialized for the learning of languages and that region is more developed in people other than I, who are good at linguistics. However, it turned out that the answer entails more than specialized regions in the brain. What I found more interesting is that there is much evidence that supports the selectivist theory, found by Noam Chomsky that the ability to learn language is innate. Here innate means that ‘the language template is pre-organized in the neuronal structure of the brain, so that the fact of being an integral part of a given environment selects the borders of each individual neuronal structure without affecting its fine organization, which pre-exists.’ In this paper, I wish to point out evidence that supports this theory of the innateness of language, and to exam how the language template develops. In conclusion, I wish to gain a better understand of my own language learning process in light of these new findings. 

One evidence that points to the innateness of language is the accuracy and speed at which humans process language and the accelerating rate at which children acquire language. The average speaker produces...
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