Non-Cognitive Language Causes More Problems Than It Solves. Discuss

Topics: Linguistics, Meaning of life, Problem solving Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 18, 2013

The statement in the title is suggesting that non-cognitive language, or non-factual language, is inefficient at attempting to solve the relevant and evident issues with religious language. In this essay I will argue that although there are several innate flaws with non-cognitive language, I, on occasion, actually find it more helpful than cognitive language. This is because when using cognitive language it is often that people find themselves far more concerned with the meaning of the words, rather than the message, which they are trying to convey. This can often result in ‘loaded language’. But with non-cognitive the sole aim is to convey a meaning in a simple and effective manner, so it is less frequent for this approach to fail to achieve its aim. It achieves the same principle as when a picture ‘ paints a thousand words’. Although this may be the case it is clear that cognitive language is a far more successful approach to religious language. Thus throughout this essay I will argue that non-cognitive language does in fact cause more problems than it solves. Non-Cognitive language is the attempt to convey a strong, usually emotive based, meaning to a crowd with the most effective success. Examples of Non-Cognitive language are things such as myth, analogy and symbol. All of which are non cognitive because they convey meanings or truths in an indirect manner, in an attempt to avoid issues such as “loaded language”. Myth is a “symbolic, approximate expression of truth”. An example of a myth that achieves this is the parable of the Good Samaritan, it conveys a man whom is helped by a friendly neighbour after a beating but its real aim is to show that qualities such as kindness and compassion are desirable. If these qualities were to be conveyed via cognitive language then the agent would be far too transfixed with what ‘kindness’ actually means. But I find that a fundamental flaw with...
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