North and South

Topics: United States, Industrial Revolution, American Civil War Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The United States could hasty the national economic growth by adopting the European industrial revolution, and many people who seek for high quality of life led into expansion of national territory. The United States constructed the new regions after experiencing the Manifest Destiny in 19th century, and it created an innovation and invention. The success in industrialization resulted into successfulness of agriculture such as plantation of cotton, sugar cane, lumber, tobacco, and rise. However, the differences in economic development between the Northern and Southern states in the early 1800’s affected into the argument regarding the size of the federal government and the developing of western land and foreshadowed the upcoming civil war by using federal government power to shape national economy, the growing of the industry and agriculture, and the legality of slave trade and possession.

The different ideology of rolling a federal government represented into two major construction. The Northern legislature often express an idea of strengthen the national economy by using federal government. For example, Alexander Hamilton who favored the pro-business preferred a loose construction, which he believed only government has authority of building a strong nation. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson, Southern legislature, believed in strict construction which government should activate when it is only necessary. Furthermore, North sought western territory as opportunity of development of political practices while South wanted to use as their advantage of agriculture. The two major construction naturally divided the nation into South and North, and it aroused the tension between them.

Northeast territories could rapidly increased their economy by industrial revolution. Because of geographical features such as rivers, the Northeast territories could enjoy a great opportunities of running factories to produces industrial goods. By 1850, more people wanted to work in...
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