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Topics: Education, Economics, Human Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: October 6, 2013
In the book “Not For Profit” Martha C. Nussbaum discusses how she believes the humanities is needed in modern day democracy and the important role it plays when producing informed citizens that are able to think critically. Her whole book points to the humanities as being the key to a successful democracy and should be taken into account when comparing different nation’s form of democracy. One would need to read the whole book in its entirety to fully understand her argument for the role of humanities in the modern world. However, we will just be looking at one of the twelve chapters in “Not for Profit” and doing a rhetorical analysis of the arguments within. We will take excerpts from chapter two of her book. In the second chapter of Nussbaum’s book she is comparing the difference of democracies that focus on the development of the individual rather than an emphasis on economic growth. She provides a look at two different nations which she claims to know fairly well, India and the United States. She praises the U.S for having a university system that doesn’t drive the students to produce for the economy of the nation, rather the development of informed citizens. She brings up the general education piece of the American colleges and maintains that it is crucial for students to have a well rounded education rather than be targeted to a specific field. I believe that this chapter is a classic example of deliberative discourse. We can break down this chapter into three parts: -Introduction (Paragraph 1)

1. Economic capital vs. Human Capital (Paragraph 2-11)
2. Social justice and why an economic driven society leads to elitism (Paragraph 12-22) -Conclusion (Paragraph 22-25)
As you can see, the Author spent equal time on the two main parts of this chapter. She starts in number 1 (Economic capital vs. Human Capital) with clarifying the difference between a society that is driven purely for Economic reasons vs. a society geared for the informed citizen....
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