Nowadays, Computers Can Translate All Kinds of Languages. Should People Learn Languages Other Than Their Mother Tongue?

Topics: Translation, Linguistics, John Lennon Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Title: Nowadays, computers can translate all kinds of languages. Should people learn languages other than their mother tongue?

Language, as a basic skill which draws a distinguishing line between human and other animal, is considered to be one of the most invaluable cultural creations. There are some people who can speak three or four languages fluently, while others struggle with their second. However, language learning might seem to be less necessary due to the development of science and technology. Hence, the debates on the necessity of learning foreign languages never stops. In my opinion, I strongly rally behind the idea of studying languages other than one's mother tongue.

Some reckon that spending time on language learning is not essential as we can translate easily with a click of the mouse. For instance, Google translation enable us to obtain a paragraph of translation in a fraction of second; Electronic dictionaries are so light and cheap that we can carry it everywhere. With the convenience that the cutting-edged technology has brought us, it is alleged that spending time and trouble learning other language is completely a waste of time.

However, I do not concede that it is a waste of time. Although studying another language can be a time-consuming project, it should be valued as a vital ability. To start off, language learning is an unavoidable path to an exotic culture. For instance, reading the original version of "Dream of the Red Chamber" and the English translation is a world of difference. The former is full of rhythmic and gorgeous poems while the latter is dull and mundane. Therefore, language learning helps you to merge into the culture.

To a great extent, language effects human mindsets. This might explain why Chinese favour bureaucracy while American like it blunt. The way that things appear in their head when they think is greatly influenced by the syntax of the different languages. In Chinese language, the methods of...
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