NVQ Unit 4 : Understand how to communicate in writing

Topics: Linguistics, Communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: March 31, 2014
Understand how to communicate in writing

2.1 Identify different sources of information that may be used when preparing written communication The internet- the internet contains an almost limitless amount of information on every topic imaginable so this is an ideal source for the research of information. Books- Books can now be found available on the internet but a much wider range is available in public libraries and is great for information research. Videos- non written informational source such as videos can also be used to prepare written communication. They may show for example an interview with a person, technique for a particular sports move, a ‘how to’ guide. Notes from the video can then be made into a written piece of work. Reports- financial reports covering the businesses lifetime which may be relevant. People- asking people can be a great source of information, they can give you an opinion, personal account and if they are more experienced/educated within the topic you are researching can give you a great amount of details or simplify a piece of information so you can understand it easier.

2.2 Describe the communication principles for using electronic forms of written communication in a business environment Electronic forms of business communications are communications through emails, faxes or electronic filing. Anything that is stored or transmitted electronically is electronic forms of data or communication. In an office environment, you should make sure that the audience will be able to interpret information you are sending out or storing clearly and know how to use the software because emails, scanning, faxes ECT are all forms of electronic communications. When choosing electronic communications for exchange of information, you should think logically to decide which the best and most efficient method of communication is.

2.3 Describe the reasons for using language that suits the purpose of written communication Colloquial,...
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