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Topics: Education, Linguistics, Language education Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: November 28, 2011
United States and India are natural strategic allies as they share the same interests and values. Both countries are engaged with each other through linkages in the field of education, economics and politics. There are strong diasporic linkages as well. India has over a million diasporic presences in United States. Fulbright FLTA programme is a strong step towards strengthening the intellectual and socio-cultural bond between the two countries, helping people learn more about each other’s culture. This co-operation in the educational sector would empower and enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s native language behaviors and skills and will build up camaraderie between the two nations, with this view in mind, I hope to be selected as a Fulbright language teaching assistant at United States for teaching Hindi during the year 2012. The Fulbright grant would provide me with ample opportunity to enrich my experience of knowing the English speaking society and helping them in knowing Hindi language that would help them know India better. With this programme I will also be acquiring an authentic knowledge of the language I like and wish to teach at my homeland.

Currently I am pursuing a Master’s programme in English from the University of Lucknow in India. My fields of interests are linguistics and literary theories. I want to take them up as my areas of research studies. FLTA grant would broaden my knowledge of the linguistic and literary sciences. It will be a great asset towards my field of studies. While in my tenure in the grant I will be assisting as a teacher of Hindi to the students of a different mother tongue, the linguistic behavior of the students, the way in which a person acquires a foreign language is very basic area for the further understanding of linguistics. Getting a first hand knowledge of this will be a unparalleled help in itself. The lexical, morphological, syntaxial similarities in the two languages and the patterns of...
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