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Topics: Government, Sovereign state, Money Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Dear Official,

If I as a citizen am required to pay my bills and debts to society could you tell me why it is that “our” government does not? I mean if us as a country does not pay its bills how do we get help or even have a good standing among other world powerhouses. Also if our democracy can’t survive and govern our own people how do we cause a spread of democracy? Also how will other countries economy flourish with ours going under, what’s to stop theirs from going under as well?

With all this going how can the U.S government afford to layoff all these people who keep bills paid and pay their taxes as well as spending money elsewhere to contribute to the economy? How is it decided who to keep and who to cut? You figure the government would keep all government workers who have to do with the U.S money systems and the people responsible for the budgets and things like that.

Even as the debt hits 17 trillion people are still talking about how the government need to do cutbacks here an there well it would seem as if its just a little to late to worry or care because with all that money left to pay an congress sitting around waiting for a decision not realizing that they are the ones responsible for that decision. You know if the people we owe 17 TRILLION dollars too let us get that far in debt how is it that they could care what we borrow now?

So my opinion on this is just go ahead and raise the debt ceiling because what does it matter we need the government in full force so just figure it out and get it going?

Ethan Miller
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