Oppression isn't sexy: Women's Rights in the 21st Century

Topics: Government, Individual rights, Individual Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Ok.....this is value debate. So many people want to understand the significance of it and get a good idea of some of the good ones they can use in their cases. Fear not! I think I have an answer for you! In this page I have encompassed MANY great values and criterion that can be used in ANY case. Be sure to note that the reference most of these values come from. If you need to look back at how you need to incorporate values in your case regard the page on Basic Structure for the Novice.

Aesthetic- The appreciation of beauty for beauty's sake. It is intrinsically valuable. Some consider the appearance Autonomy- The right to govern oneself or nation without unwanted outside interference. Civil Liberties- The freedoms spelled out in a bill of rights or constitution which guarantees the protection of persons, opinions, ideas, and property from arbitrary government interference. Limits may be placed on these freedoms when they are abused by individuals or groups, and when it is in the best interest of the public. Civil Rights- Positive acts of government to protect individual persons from the arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by government or individuals. The constitution- The fundamental laws which establish a government. It provides the description of the authority and limitations of government. Democracy- The form of government that may be direct or representative. The democratic creed maintains four key elements: 

1. Individualism, which allows individuals to achieve the highest potential of government. 2. Liberty, which allows individuals the greatest amount of freedom consistent with order. 3. Equality, which declares all people as being equal and have equal rights and opportunities. 4. Fraternity, which contends that individuals will not misuse their freedom but will cooperate in creating a wholesome sovereignty. Dignity- The condition or feeling of self; the nobleness of a person; the condition of self-worth. Direct Democracy- A form...
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