Oral Communication

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Oral Communication
In the communication process verbal or oral communication has mentioned its own importance. It is true that in the God’s Creation ‘ma’ is the only species gifted with the language and the use of language is primarily in speech. In any organization our communication depends more in verbal form and it is builds up the human relationship in different manners. Without oral communication, the organization is just a body without heart. The oral communication, which is one type of verbal communication, is most important both for the sender and the receiver of the message in the communication process. It is a fact that more than 60% if time in an organization is spend on talking to others in different matters. Hence, the importance of oral communication its most basic level, oral communication is the spoken interaction between two or more people. Oral communication Is composed of multiple elements which, when take as a whole, result in the success or failure of the interaction 1. Face –to- face Conversation: Conversation is the most common form of oral communication. It links People together be it in Social or Professional life. A face –to- face is possible between two individuals or small group of persons in the interview, or in a small meeting and communication can run two ways in this situations. There is immediate feedback, which makes clarification Possible. Simply we can define as ‘face- to – face communication means the exchanging of information, thoughts and feelings when the participants are in the same physical space.’ Face – to- face communication occurs with our friends, relatives and colleagues whom we like and trust. That’s why conversation rarely finds a place in a programmer of formal instruction. In a wide range of business activities, including formal meetings, coffee room, chitchat, hallway encounters, one-on-caching, annual evaluations, job interviews and more face to face communication depends on the meeting of eye balls. Like all communications, face – to- face involves a sender and a receiver, messages are directly communicated and its effectiveness depends on perfect relationship between both the parties i.e. sender and receiver. 2. Telephonic Conversation: One form of dyadic conversation is the interaction between two persons on the telephone. In this form, the advantage of using body language and eye contact is lost. But it is one of the commonest and fastest ways of contacting persons. It is simple, handy and in the long run economical. It has therefore, been termed as “A priceless means of communication.” Recently, telephone conference facility is available at different places where two to five persons can make a conversation together. The most important here is the requirement of clarification of message through speech and skillful use of voice. The wireless telephone is becoming a requirement of modern age. In a wireless telephone, there is no chance of missing calls. The features needed for this type of telephone depend entirely on the need of the users. It is advisable that one can get a model of wireless telephone that can receive e-mail, media, internet, storing for contacts and maintain daily calendar. There are many features for which one can choose one standard and wireless phones, such as call waiting, call forwarding, conferencing capabilities and voice mail. It is important to treat that telephone is an important business tool. 3.Interviews: The word ‘Interview’ is derived from the word ‘intrevue’ meaning “sight between”;by definition it means ‘A meeting for obtaining information by questioning person-to-person.’ An interview is a classic example of communication that takes place through the process by which meanings are exchanged between people through the use of a common set of symbols. It is a purposeful, interpersonal communication between two individual. James M. Black defined it as, “An interview is a conversation usually between two people, which is confined to a...
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