Organization diversity

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Organizations Diversity Initiatives:
Starbucks has been able to support diversity within their workforce by improving satisfaction of employees that has resulted in an increase in productivity and retention of employees. Starbucks has also included diversity and inclusion into the core of their leadership competencies. By educating their employees Starbucks seeks out partners who are also known as employees to engage in their diversity community they serve. They have created a working environment where diversity is very much valued and respected while committed to uphold a culture. Starbucks is the only major food and beverage chain to provide health benefits to both full-time and part-time partners (employees). Starbucks Supplier Diversity Program actively seeks out and contracts with supplies that are either female or minority-owned. Recognizing the company for its outstanding minority business development program, with demonstrated results, Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council presented Starbucks with its National Corporation of the Year Award in 2012. The same year Starbucks and several of its partners (employees) were nominated for and awarded with various National MSDC and Northwest MSDC honors (Starbucks' Award-Winning Program Partners with Suppliers). To advance Starbucks diversity and inclusion goals they are leveraging Starbucks Partner Network Groups. These groups provides the company with insight on product innovation, business solutions, partner development and the recruitment and retention of partners.

The Starbucks experience has been extended to all the Starbucks customers ensuring a great customer experience by connecting with customers at a cultural level. Starbucks has supported and invested in local neighborhoods and global communities by using strategic partnerships and economic development opportunities that has a strong tie to the community they serve. By expanding their efforts to promote a culture of inclusion for...
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