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Instructor: Lizzie Grace Urizar
Office: HPAC 227
Phone: 864/503-5669
Meeting time: Online

Office hours: MW 11:00-1:00; MW 5:00-5:50

E-mail: lurizar@uscupstate.edu
Textbooks: ¡Arriba! Comunicacion y cultura, 5th edition, Zayas-Bazán, Bacon, Nibert; Myspanishlab.com.

Online resources MySpanishLab Access Kit 0-13-159045-6 can be purchased at bookstore or online at www.myspanishlab.com. If purchased on-line all you need is a credit card number and your access number is given to you immediately.

You also have the option of purchasing the entire package at the bookstore. This will give you a hard copy text and a three flap grammar rule card along with your MySpanishLab code.

Once you have the access code, go to http://myspanishlab.com/first-time-students.html to register. There is also a tutorial available here that you may watch if you are having difficulty with registering.

Upon creating a profile, you will be asked for a code to get directly into our class. The code for your class is the following:


Course objectives: ¡ Bienvenidos! -Welcome to Spanish 101! In this course students will continue to develop skills in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing in concert with an examination of the Hispanic culture.  Communication--face to face, in writing, or through reading--is at the heart of second language study. Upon completion of this course students should be able to

• Engage in simple conversations in Spanish.
• Demonstrate basic reading and writing skills in Spanish. • Demonstrate knowledge of the distinctive features of the Hispanic cultures associated with the Spanish language.

Finally, to encourage the development of foreign language proficiency, this course is standards-driven, based on the National and South Carolina Academic Achievement Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Absences: Introduction and Attendance Policy 
Students must log into the course at least once a week. Failure to do so may result in the student being dropped from the course. Many financial aid sources require students to submit signed attendance sheets either weekly or monthly. Instructors use course management tracking tools to establish that a student has met the attendance requirement.

Class preparation:  Because language learning is essentially communication practice, the class period is devoted to speaking the language rather than to speaking about the language.  Unfortunately this is an on-line class and therefore class preparation is handled differently than a traditional course. It will contain a method in which to assess the oral aspect of the material handled through MySpanishLab. Therefore, the student is responsible for logging on.  Language acquisition is a skill one must practice daily.  It requires a lot of risk taking on the part of the learner.  This course is student-centered and students will be given many opportunities to use the language.  Failure to keep up with the daily assignments and to participate in class or on-line will result in the student falling behind very quickly and receiving a low grade for the course.

Special needs:  There are all types of learning styles and some of us have special needs that require accommodations in order to be successful in some courses. In keeping with University policy, any student with a disability who requests academic accommodations should contact Disability Services at 503-5195 to arrange a confidential appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator.  Students are encouraged to seek an appointment as early in the semester as possible, as accommodations are not provided retroactively.  Letters of accommodation must be signed and printed on letterhead from the Disability Services office.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide these letters to...
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