Outline some of the policies introduced by governments to create an education market in the United Kingdom.

Topics: Middle class, Social class, State Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 20, 2014
An education market is about the relationships between schools and the parents of the pupils hoping to go there. So it is the purpose, values and products of schools relevant to the pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. One policy that was introduced by the government to create an education market was the Ofsted inspection report. This is basically a report by Ofsted that parents can look at to see whether or not it is a good school for their children to go to. Ofsted inspection reports are a very clear way for parents to tell whether that particular school is good or not, as it tells the parents what kind of behaviour is expected in that school, and whether or not it needs improving. Of course, parents also have to take into consideration, that if their child/children are not going to go there, and the next school’s transport is too much to afford, then where are they going to send their kids? Another policy that was introduced by the government was the publication of exam league tables. This is basically where schools across the county are put into a league table to see whose exam results were the best. If the schools exam results are not the best, then parents are going to be less likely to send their children there, whereas, if a school has a good exam record, parents are likely to send their children there. Providing funding was available for transport. One last policy that was introduced by the government was the formula funding. This is where all schools get a different amount of funding for everything, so that all schools in competition with each other to try and get the most advantaged kids to their schools. However, this will then create a division between working class and middle class children as they are going to know who is middle class and who is working class by what schools they go to, therefore creating friction between schools, creating more competitions between parents.
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