Overpopulation: Unemployment and Possible Solutions

Topics: Unemployment, Developing country, Human geography Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: November 19, 2012
To Thi Thu Huong
Writing task 2
THE WOLD IS EXPERIENCING A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN POPULATION. THIS IS CAUSING PROBLEMS NOT ONLY FOR POOR, UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES, BUT ALSO FOR INDUSTRIALIZED AND DEVELOPING NATIONS. DESCRIBE SOME OF THE PROBLEMS THAT OVERPOPULATION CAUSES AND SUGGEST AT LEAST ONE POSSIBLE SOLUTION. Due to recent improvement in healthcare system as well as the economic growth, the population is increasing faster and faster. This is laying a heavy burden on the economy, society and environment of both advanced and developing nations. In this essay, I’m going to explore the main problems caused by overcrowding and suggest some possible solutions.  First, overpopulation tends to slowdown the economy because it creates a shortage of public goods such as electricity and water supply, etc. which depend on the government allocation. Hence, the authorities, especially in poor countries have to apply for high-interest loans from abroad to fill in the budget deficit. Consequently, those countries are struggling to repay the long-term foreign debts and unable to escape the vicious circle of poverty. Second, there is a great deal of troubles for the society with too many people. For example, the appreciation of unemployment rates will cause bad impacts on social welfare; and the education and healthcare system may not be able to meet the needs of the public. Also, the community will be suffered from severe hunger, formidable crime rates and unstable politic situation. Moreover, when the planet gets more crowded, the environment is also threatened. Along with the intensive farming and industrialization to fulfill the dearth of the extra residents, there will be more sewage, redundant fertilizer and pesticide, and exhaust fumes that pollute the water the land the air. In addition, the exploitation of natural resources will drain the earth’s stockpile to the point that it can no longer supply for our life. Eventually, what awaits humankind is a...
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