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In this assignment I will be explaining how the training that is needed for Tesco is linked to the different levels within the structure that Tesco have. I will then compare the training that is needed for staffs at different levels in Tesco’s company. I will be looking to give a good detail of each training method that can be used. Tesco

Tesco is a very large and successful UK supermarket chain, a bit like Walmart, most are food stores but they do have Tesco Home stores which sell non-food items Computers, clothes, TV's, Computers Housewares etc. Tesco has a hierarchical organisation structure because it has a lot of layers and a lot of people reporting into more than one person before that information get to the boss. A hierarchical structure has many levels. Each level is controlled by one person. A hierarchical company tends to be a very big company just like Tesco is. In a hierarchy instructions are generally passed down from one person to another until it gets to the bottom of the hierarchical structure. If there was a problem in a hierarchical structure it would move up through the structure again from one person to another until it gets to where it is supported to be. Strengths of a Hierarchical structure are that there is a close control of workers. Workers in Tesco will know exactly what they have to do so they don't wait around until they are told. Staff training and development is known as one of the key factors for why a business may run successfully. Training is required and appropriate to all levels of Tesco’s organisational structure although the training required may be different depending on what different people involved in the organisation may need. Tesco knows that their training programmes need to be well thought out and planned and also managed which would make the whole system so much more useful for their employees.
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