P4 describe the influence on parliamet

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In this assignment I will be explaining the influence on parliament. Also the influence on pressure groups, Law Commission and Media. Media
Media is a way of communication and the different types of communication could be through magazines television, mobile phones e.g. through media pubic get to know what is happening around the world. Influences on parliament

The media influences parliament because the media present the information on the different type of media. This can help the public to know what is going on in the parliament. The government have the power to bring the attention of the public to about the issues that the government can make into something big. So the public know what is going on. Sometimes the media can control the public’s opinions and publish it. Also this will bring shame against legislation. For example some news leaked and no public knows but because the media is there the news has been spread to the public through media so everyone is aware. Advantages/ Disadvantages

The media can influence the parliament which means that the parliament listens to media so whatever the media want the parliament do because the media gets news information from parliament and spreads it all over the world. This increase public awareness and legislation process which means that less time wasted some times. The media are allowed to get public opinions together through different types of media like forums. Some types of media can be imperials and the editors are not allowed to write their own opinion. Also at times the media an influence parliament if the public get involved. The disadvantage is that only rich people can access the media that are sometimes the owners. So the disadvantage is that Poor people are less likely to access media like newspapers because they may not be able to afford the newspaper. So this means that the poor people don’t have an idea what is going on around the world. The other disadvantage is that the information written is not impartial and the many of the editors had extra information so it does not be the original words to what has happened. So if anyone reads the newspaper thy may not know what exactly happened because it is not the exact to what happened but the words of the editor. I believe that that media influences the parliament the most because they give every information to public and through the information parliament’s staff are presented. So if the media give some bad information then this will give a bad impression of the parliament staff to the public. So this could mean that if the pubic do not like what is happening in parliament they can change it by telling the MPS so that the pubic get the best people in the parliament to help the public. Also decide the best for the public. So overall I believe that it is good that media is involve in the parliament because this means that if the parliament need any help then the media can tell the public to get involved. So this will mean that the issues get resolved faster. Also through having media involved in parliament it means that the parliament people know that if they don’t take any action and don’t do anything for the public then media wit ae public and so public could take action against the parliament. Which will mean that parliament are still doing their work right and doing best for public because they know if they don’t then they have to face consequence. Law Commission

In the UK the law commission area body of legal advisers responsible for systematically reviewing the law of England which recommends changes and the removal of obsolete legislation. Full-time staff led by five law commissioners of which one is a chairman. The Chairman promotes the LC and it is public facer and voice. Also they are well qualified practising or academic lawyers. The law commission have to be supported by a team of barristers, solicitors, parliamentary draftsmen, researchers and administrative staff. Structure of the Law...
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