Past and Present of Democracy

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Course Name: “Past and Present of Democracy”

Democracy is a form of government where the supreme power lies in its subjects, gaining authorization to exercise such authority directly or indirectly through regular fair elections. Active participation of citizens in the choosing the agents to exercise the authority on their behalf is a common element in true democracies. Citizens are all equal in the practice of law and its regulation having no distinctions or class privileges. Human rights protection is also another crucial element in democracy. Freedom of choice is what democracy holds above everything else. Having equal rights for all citizens allows everyone to live freely as long they respect the rule of law. Leaders in a democracy can be judged by their action and hold power temporarily by the consent of the governed. Citizens are free to criticize leaders in a democracy. Freedom and multiplicity of the mass media is a good indication of democracy where the citizens can speak freely and express their opinions. Democracy allows for freedom of religion. One can choose their faith and affiliate religiously to any denomination they perceive best suites them. Unrestricted movement is another fundamental aspect of democracy. People can freely move in and out of the country, assemble, or protest to their government as per their grievances. Having a right not be arrested without explanation and being legible to vote and be voted for in a general election of any sound citizen of age are also among the democratic rights. It is not democracy when the citizens lack the above freedoms. A country where there is no fair election and the government practices corruption is not a living democracy. The sorrowful part is that most countries claiming their democracy are only on the surface or what is called the empty democracies. Though a good number of countries today in the world have attained democracy, there are still many who just have the name but...
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