Topics: Government, Patriotism, Greatest hits Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Ghida Al-Messelmani


What is Patriotism? What does it mean? Well, patriotism differs according to one’s concept; it may be loyalty, love, respect, or even sacrifice. In general, you can say it is the basics of duty towards one’s country. But, eventhough you’re patriotic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t criticize the government for things you think are being done wrong or for things you think must be done, but above that you still consider it a better place to live in. In short, patriotism is about being loyal to your country, to love and respect it, and to sacrifice anything to make it better. Being patriotic requires loyalty. That means that you must do nothing to harm your country, or the citizens. You should never spread lies, or tell secrets about your country, and you should stand up for it to the best of your ability. And, by that you become a civil servant working to improve conditions, or a soldier trying your best to defend the country you love against outside influences. Loyalty in patriotism is even much more than that; it is about the bond between the each citizen and their country. If you’re truly patriotic, then you must show honor, respect and love towards your country. You should respect the overall ideals and goals, as well as the people as a whole, and honor those who work hard day and night to improve the country. But, if you do not love your country, there is no way you can respect or honor it. Love is the base of respect, honor, sacrifice and loyalty. According to Tamim Ansary, the basic meaning of patriotism is a love of your country. However, to love and respect your country doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it for some things you think are done wrong, but you must find a way to do such without tearing your country apart. Besides, patriotism can’t be completed without sacrifice. If you truly think you’re country is above all and you hold it close to your heart, then you should try your best to defend it hard and never fall to...
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