Period of Activism

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Chapter 8 Period of Activism (1970-1972)Historical Background According to Pociano Pineda, youth activism in 1970-72 wasdue to domestic and worldwide causes. Activism is connected with the history ofour Filipino youth. Because of the ills of society, the youth moved to seek reforms. Some continued to believe that the democratic government is stable and that it is only the people running the government who are at fault. Some believed that socialism or communism should replace democracy. Some armed groups were formed to bring down the democratic form of government. Many young people became activists to ask for changes in the government. In theexpression of this desire for change, keen were the writings of some youth who were fired with nationalism in order to emphasize the importance of their petitions.Many young activists were imprisoned in military camps together with rebel writers. As early as this period of history we can say that many of those writers whowere imprisoned were true nationalists and heroes of their time.  

Many books aptly record and embody these times but many of these are not known to many and many of these writers still have to be interviewed. We just leave toscholars and researchers the giving of credit where credit is due. A. THE SEED OF ACTIVISM The seeds of activism resulted in the declaration of Martial Law in 1972. We can, however, say that he seeds were earlier sown from the times of Lapu-lapu, Lakandula, and Rizal. The revolution against the powerful forces in the Philippines can be said to be the monopoly of the youth in whose veins flow the fire in their blood. What Rizal said of the youth being the hope of the Fatherland 

is still valid even today.

Pineda also said that this was the time when the youth once more proved that itis not the constant evasion that shapes our race and nationalism.There is a limit to one 
s patience. It may explode like a volcano if overstrained.Life? What avails...
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