Personal Computer and St. Thomas Aquinas

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: October 26, 2013

The effects of Gadgets in the Academic Performance of IV – St. Thomas Aquinas SY 2012 – 2013


What are the possible effects of gadgets in the academic of the students of St. Thomas Aquinas? Is it positive or is it negative? Both sides are possible. It can be positive in the view of the students but negative on the view of the teachers. Either way, the researchers wants to view all side of the story, both positive and negative. The researchers also want to inform the readers that gadgets, brought by the advancement of technology can help and destroy their academic performance.


The researchers found out that there are several problems regarding their topic. A very obvious problem is that gadgets often distract the attention of the students. The researchers want to solve and give possible solutions to the said problem. How gadgets distract or get the attention of the students? Does it bring positive results on their academic performance and academic standing?


The researchers suggests that students should have less time in using their gadgets, especially their cellular phones, iPods, PSPs, Laptops, and their own personal computers. Why the researchers included personal computers? Because most of the time, students nowadays use their personal computers for gaming and entertainment purposes. The researchers formulated this as a possible solution because if the students lessen their time on their gadgets, then they will have more time in enhancing their academic performance by reading books, observing their environment, and by interacting with other people.


The researchers have assumed that using modern day gadgets often bring negative effects on students, especially on their academic performance. The reason why the researchers assumed this is because it...
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