Personal Effects of Government

Topics: Federal government of the United States, Federal government, State Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Imagine a world of anarchy. It’s hard to, right? It definitely should be. From the car that I drive, to the food that I eat, to the air that I breathe, government affects me in almost every way that I can imagine. It tells me where I can go, what I should wear, and even who I’m allowed to date. This government control, though occasionally littered with bad mistakes, is usually brightly positive, even in ways I don’t acknowledge. From my life as a student, to my life as a teenager, to even my life in general, government affects everything I do.

As a seventeen year old living in the United States, I am required by law to attend school. Because of this, I wake up every day and go to Prattville High School. While at PHS, I am legally required, thanks to multiple Supreme Court cases, to wear a certain standard of clothes. These rules range from the perfectly sensible ‘no tube tops,’ to not being allowed to wear blue jeans with a tiny frayed hole above the knee. After the dress code situation is worked out, it’s time for me to learn. I go to my required classes and learn subjects that the government require me to learn, such as mathematics, even if I don’t want to. This is partly because the federal government wants me to, and provides my school with money, and partly because of my state alone. Ironically enough, the government affects me more now than it ever will in the future, and I’m not even allowed to vote.

Even outside of school, when I am simply enjoying my free time, the government has control in a lot of control in what I do. As soon as school is over with, I drive home in my car, which is required by law to contain safety features such as seatbelts and airbags that are intended to protect my life. When driving my car, I almost always drive on roads, and on any given day I can drive on roads paved by my city, county, state, and federal governments. If I decided to eat a chicken sandwich the government would have some say in that too. From the very...
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