Pestel Analysis for Luxury Exchanging Store

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PESTEL Analysis for luxury exchanging store


China's political environment for the luxury goods industry, the favorable overall development, whether from government regulation and deregulation, import and export restrictions, labor market and other aspects, China for the luxury goods industry, has provided a broad stage; and also, as we the interview are aware, the luxury development of the industry for the Chinese government has brought a certain amount of revenue, for the promotion of economic development has made its own contribution.


From an economic sense, is essentially a high-end luxury consumption of consumer behavior. Luxury is a relative concept, its meaning in different socio-economic conditions are constantly changing. With economic development, many of yesterday's luxuries have become today's necessities, but also many of today's luxuries become tomorrow's necessities. Economic development is to maximize the satisfaction of the people's growing material and cultural necessary, this need, in turn, promote economic development, economics is the study of how scarce resources to meet unlimited desires of mankind from this sense,

People needs is an inexhaustible motive force promoting economic growth. This need has always manifested in the initial pursuit of luxury goods, along with economic development, luxury became a necessity, will create new luxury needs, once again to promote economic development, economy is constantly in the process progress. As the level of people's needs continue to increase, creating a series of new consumer demand for hot spots. China's per capita GDP of 186.43 U.S. dollars, luxury goods consumption growth was in direct proportion with the development of GDP, and GDP growth is at least twice


With the large number of high-end consumer goods have moved into China and the world consumption gap is gradually reduced, the Chinese society pay more attention to promoting a new...
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