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Topics: Government, Public administration, Constitutional monarchy Pages: 3 (459 words) Published: May 18, 2013

Project Title:

A study on the growing use of e-governance in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Project Guide:

Name of Students:

eGovernment is about using the tools and systems made possible by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to provide better public services to citizens and businesses. ICTs are already widely used by government bodies, just as in enterprises, but eGovernment involves much more than just the tools. Effective eGovernment also involves rethinking organisations and processes, and changing behaviour so that public services are delivered more efficiently to the people who need to use them. Implemented well, eGovernment enables all citizens, enterprises and organisations to carry out their business with government more easily, more quickly and at lower cost.

This project will bring out the use, benefits and the importance of e-governance in the daily life in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


To determine the e-governance activities carried out in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the e-services available.

Problem Statement:

Objective and Research Questions:

1. What are the e-governance activities carried out in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the e-services available? 2. What are the services provided by the e-governance in relation to various aspects? 3. What is the extent of accessibility of the service and the satisfaction level of the users?

Methodology and Methods:

The study will be based on the primary and secondary data. Primary data will be collected with the help of carefully structured questionnaires and by conducting interviews. Secondary data will also be used to aid the study. Methods like average and percentage will be used to analyze the primary data collected and will be presented in the form of tables, charts and graphs in a logical way with interpretations.

Chapter Plan:

Chapter 1:...
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