Philippine Government

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Introduction to Philippine Government
Lesson 1

What is Political Science ?
•  Political – Greek word •  “POLIS” - means – A CITY / SOVEREIGN STATE

•  Science – Latin word •  SCIRE - means - TO KNOW

•  It is a basic knowledge and understanding of the state and its ideals •  Association of human beings into a “body politic” •  Political community- organized under government and law

•  The relations among people control by the state; state to other state

Scope of Political Science
•  This include courses in: 1.  Political Theory 2.  Public Law 3.  Public Administration 4.  Other specialized subject

Political Theory

Public Law
•  Organization of governments •  Limitation upon government authority •  Powers and duties of governmental offices and officers •  Obligation of one state to another These are the study of public law

•  The doctrines relating to the origin, form, behavior, and purpose of the state.

Public Administration
•  Focus upon the methods and and technique used in the actual management of state affairs by •  Executive; •  Legislative; •  Judiciary branches of government

Other branches of learning
•  “History is past politics and politics present history” •  Political scientist frequently adopts a “historical approach”

•  The study of the production, distribution, and conservation and consumption of wealth. •  This were coupled under the name of political economy.

Other branches of learning
•  Under Geopolitics •  Study of the influences of physical factors such as: •  population pressure, •  source of raw materials •  domestic and foreign politics

Sociology and Anthropology
•  Sociology •  study of society as a whole •  Anthropology •  who studies mankind in relation to physical, social and cultural development

Other branches of learning
•  Studies of mental and emotional processes motivating the political behavior of individuals or...
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