Topics: Third World, United States, Poverty Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: September 21, 2014
The Philippines is known for its beautiful topography, wonderful culture and lifestyle, rich natural resources, many tourist destinations, friendly, hospitable and peace-loving inhabitants. It is also known for its beautiful Filipinas, and for its religiosity. Yet, we are third world country.

Extreme and misguided religiosity appears to be one of the major characteristics of third world countries. We are a religious country and we have an abundance of poor people in the Philippines. A fact that is also true to Latin American and other poor countries. Our God is a God of abundance; yet our country is not, despite of the abundance of the natural resources that God has bestowed upon us.

Despite the beautiful cars, the big and tall commercial buildings, the malls, the finest hotels the condominiums, and the sub-divisions we cannot ignore millions of Filipinos who live in poverty. We see Filipinos frequent in food chains such as Jollibee Mc Donald and the like but we also see millions of Filipinos who can barely eat a meal in a day. The needs of these Filipinos should be the priority of the government and of our society. But where did the sense of priority of the government go? That is why we are a third world country.

Now what is a third world? The term also refers to developing countries. It used to describe poorer countries that have struggled to attain steady economic development. Despite revolving definitions, the concept of the third world serves to identify countries that suffer from high infant mortality, low economic development, high levels of poverty, low utilization of natural resources, and heavy dependence on industrialized nations. These are the developing and technologically less advanced nations of Asia, Africa, Oceana and Latin America. Third world nations tend to have economies dependent on the developed countries and are generally characterized as poor with unstable governments and having high rates of...
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