Phonetics as a Science

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1. Phonetics as a science.
- it’s a subject matter in branches. Term comes from Greek word “Phonitikos” (голосовой) or the science of the voice. Phonetics is a science, which treats the sounds of which language is composed. Phonetics (encyclopedia) is the study of how the speech sounds are made (articulatory phonetics), the acoustic properties of the sound (acoustic phonetics) and how sounds are organized in the language (linguistic phonetics). Phonetics (Webster) is the science or a study of speech sounds and their production, transmission and reception and their analysis, classification and transcription. Phonetics is a branch of linguistics, which studies the sounds of the language, their functional side as well as material side, including the work of pronouncing operators or organs of speech, acoustic characteristics and perception of the SS by listeners. Phonetics studies sounds. It is the subject matter of phonetics: 4 components of the language: 1. segmental phonemes, which are realized in SS

2. word stress (accent)
3. syllabic structure of the language
4. intonation
Phonetics is concerned manly with expression level, however, it is obliged to take into consideration the content level, and it is concerned with the effect which the expression units in the analysis and its characteristics have on meaning. Only meaningful sound sequences are regarded as speech and phonetics is concerned with such sounds which are carriers of organized information in the language. As a science phonetics has two main divisions: phonology – the study of the sound patterns of language, of how a spoken language functions as a “code”; and substance – that carries the code. Phonetics studies SS according to 4 aspects:

1. Functional (linguistic, social) – the branch, which deals with functional aspect, is called Phonology 2. Articulatory – the branch, which studies the way in which the air is set in motion, the movements of the speech organs and coordination of these movements...
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