Pirate Party

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Katie Morris
Mr. Acker
28 April 2015

Issues for Pirate Party Platform

1. Reformation of intellectual property laws
2. Governmental transparency
3. Protection of Privacy
4. Free access to information
5. Inclusivity citizenship

Grace O’Malley Biography
Basic Facts:
Birth Name: Grace Elizabeth Donovan
Birthdate: April 1, 1979
Birthplace: New York City
Age: 36 years old
Religion: Catholic
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing New York State University
Master of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Political Science Columbia University
Married: Michael Patrick O’Malley, August 1, 2001

Grace O’Malley is the third child of Patrick and Winnifred Donovan. Mr. Donovan, a steel worker in New York City, believed in hard work and being frugal. One of Grace’s favorite stories is how her father would wash his Ziploc bags he used to pack his sandwiches in for lunch each day. Mr. Donovan would shrug and say, the bag is good for more than one use as long as it is clean and functioning keep it. Mrs. Donovan was a librarian for the New Your City Public Libraries. Mrs. Donovan enjoyed reading, writing, and listening to music. She also willingly donated her time to raising money to increase youth reading. Grace has an older sister Martha who is a homemaker, and an older brother who is an author. As the youngest child, Grace was outspoken and helped other neighborhood children with homework or community projects. Today Grace is married to Michael Patrick O’Malley. Mr. O’Malley is a lawyer in the Alston & Bird New York law office. Michael and Grace have two children. Jon and Celia. Jon is 20, and attends Syracuse University. Celia is 18 and completing her high school education.

Education and Early Career:
Grace Elizabeth Donovan always loved to read and express herself. The expressing of opinions was a particular gift that her parents thought needed to be honed. Grace earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from New York State University. Upon graduation, Grace enrolled in Columbia University to earn a Master of Arts in English. It was during her time at Columbia University that she realized her passion for politics. Grace was working for a local paper creating political cartoons. One particular political cartoon brought national attention as she portrayed the governor as an oppressive leader, guarding secrets, and openly showing disdain for the middle class worker. Grace received both praised and criticism for this cartoon. While creating political cartoons, she began to realize that the average working American knew very little about the decisions, and actual events that were currently unfolding within her own neighborhood let alone the country. Grace made the decision that she wanted to help make sure all Americans had the opportunity to be informed of governmental decisions, policies, and actions so they could make informed decisions. Grace continued to working for various newspapers, magazines, and media outlets while she earned a Master of Science in Political Science from Columbia University.

Political Offices:
2004-2010: New York City Council
2010-2014: New York State Senate

Political Ideals:
Grace O’Malley strives to provide freedom of information, governmental transparency, protection of privacy, and inclusive citizenship. Grace first priority is to ensure governmental transparency of all information that does not threaten national security. Her second priority is the protection of individual privacy. She wants to ensure national security while not infringing upon individual privacy. Is it necessary for the government to monitor all forms of electronic communication between every U.S. citizen? Grace’s third priority is to expand and promote greater involvement from all Americans. Every American should be instrumental in the...

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