Topics: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Brain Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 16, 2013
I´m going to talk about a Neurofunctional theory.
Well, the neurofunctional accounts of SLA have considered the contribution of 2 areas of the brain: * The right hemisphere
* Some areas of the left hemisphere which are wernicke´s and broca´s areas. They have also focused on specific aspects of SLA:
* Age differences
* Formulaic speech
* Fossilization
* Pattern practice in classroom SLA
Now, I´m going to mention some information about the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. According to the right hemisphere, it´s important to say that it is generally associated with holistic processing It has also been suggested that it is responsible for storing and processing of formulaic speech. Selinger says that the right hemisphere may act as an initial staging mechanism for handling patterns which can be re-examined in the left hemisphere. According to the left hemisphere, it is important to say that it is generally associated with creative language use, including semantic and syntactic processing and motor operations involved in speaking and writing. Walsh and Diller distinguish 2 types of functioning: * Lower order functioning: associated with wernicke´s and broca´s areas. It involves basic grammatical processing. * Higher order functioning: associated with different areas of the cerebral cortex. It involves semantic processing and verbal cognition. Wel, now i´m going to speak about the neurofunctional theory of SLA. It was formulated by Lamendella who distinguishes 2 types of language acquisition. * Primary language acquisition which is found in the child´s acquisition of 1 or more languages from 2 to 5 years- * Secondary language acquisition which is subdivided into foreign language learning that is learnt at school and SLA that is the natural acquisition of L2 after the age of 5. There are different neurofunctional systems that are linked to these types of acquisition. Each one consists of a hierarchy of functions: the...
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