Pls 201

Topics: Government, Political philosophy, Communism Pages: 4 (903 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Chap 1 key terms
Agreement reality: From interaction with parents, religion, friends, authority Classic Conservatism: ed Burke,
Classic Liberalism: theories of freedom, nation could achieve economic success without gov interference. Lim gov. Smith Communism: Classless society in which justice and fairness would prevail. Conceptual Framework: How we understand politics by drawing in our experiences and preferences Democratic Socialism: socialist states can achieve through democratic means, modify capitalism through socialism experiential reality: Things we directly experience

Fascism: strong military rule headed by dictator of ruling party idealism: What we think would be best
idealist period: A time between the two world wars when the world tried to attain a peaceful globe imperialism: a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Political Ideology: is about organizing and directing goal oriented action (written for masses) Political Science: a discipline with the study of the state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government Political Theory: aimed at developing knowledge (written for elites) Politics: combination of people and gov getting something accomplished when action has public consequence Realism: What we must do or are able to do

Reform liberalism: Government has a role to play in regulating the economy Scientific method: A specific set of rules and processes for pursuing knowledge through observation, hyptho, ect sophist: One who teaches promising young men the practical skills to succeed in public life. (realists)

Chap 2

Anarchists: Someone who longs for a lack of hierarchy. not for chaos, but believe people are peace. Can handle. Anarchy: Not chaos but absence of any kind of overarching authority or hierarchy Authority: A type of power. Someone people look at for direction and command Collective Action: group activity trying to achieve a common goal, but can't do just on...
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