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Theoretically, these are the laws and policies that should address the call for protection to these child laborers, namely Republic Act 7183, Republic Act 7658 and Republic Act 7610. Manufacturers have been violating the Pyrotechnics Act (R.A.7183) for they employ children below 15 years of age in their private undertakings (R.A. 7658) which ultimately results to exploitation and violation of children’s rights(R.A. 7610). Having these laws and policies are not enough to eradicate such restraints. Implementation from both the national and local government transpired. National and local government is two-interplaying complimentary variables in diagram. Both the national and local government implements these policies through projects and programs. Another is by their exercise of regulatory power/function: the national government’s PNP- Firearms and Explosive Unit and the local government’s creation Local Council for the Protection of Children and by way of its ordinances that regulates the excessive pyrotechnics manufacturing and illegal employment of children. All these, theoretically, are the solution to formulated problems. These help gauge the government to further strengthen its advocacy to promote the rights of the children. At the same time, it is needed to clearly delineate the functions of all the stakeholders (national, local, business sectors, manufacturers, community) to fully implement all these laws and to curb issues on child labors on said industry.

Theoretical Framework

Laws, Policies & Guidelines

National government

Local government


Projects & Programs


1. State purpose of the Pyrotechnics Law
2. Protection of children against employment in hazardous industries 3. Promotion of rights of the child
4. Roles of the Nat’l & local governments and the community

Figure 1.

Implementing rules and policies.
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