Population Studies

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An Assignment on Various Population Matters.

Population Definition.

Population is a term which refers to the total human inhabitants of a specified area such as; a continent, a country, or a city, at a given time. It can be defined further in a number of ways depending on the various aspects of population that one would be looking at. It can refer to the various aspects of population such as age, ethnicity, race, or region. For example, population size may refer to either the total number of people living in a certain region, or the number of people living in a certain area who share certain characteristics. Population structure describes the division or stratification of a population size into groups of certain characteristics e.g. the youth, the aged, and the children. Population distribution defines the geographical spread of the population size in a given area. The study of such population matters and the characteristics of the population is known as Demographics.

The Importance of Population Data in Planning.
Demographics and population information is of great importance when it comes to planning: mainly because correct population information ensures that there can be proper utilisation of a nation’s resources. Development and resource planning is geared towards the ultimate benefit of the citizens of a country. Thus, correct information about the number of citizens, their income levels, and their distribution in society will work towards better and more reliable planning and implementation of policies. The proper collection, manipulation, and eventual use of national income, expenditure, and output figures heavily relies on accurate population information.

Population data is especially important in urban planning, and specifically in the provision of public goods and services. The building of schools, hospitals, and roads in urban areas such as cities and towns will...
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