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To what extent do pressure groups promote pluralist democracy in the UK?

A pluralist democracy is an even dispersal of power, by definition democracy is pluralist, however the UK democratic system is considered to have a uneven centre of power in government, this disproportionate concentration of power is usually addressed through pressure groups that seek to maintain the freedom of association. However some pressure groups are seen to undermine pluralism in a democracy this may be due to their strategic position in society, and also their insider status gives their interests greater priority over other pressure groups. the wide variety of pressure groups available to the mass of citizens allows for a wider access of power and decision making for the general public.

It is argued that political parties are unable to adequately represent the complete range of varied opinions and interests within a modern democracy, this is due to their function of combining several interests into a comprehensible political body that is able to administer the country. Pressure groups empower public interest to be addressed by government, this in turn exerts some influence in public decision making within government. However it is specifically the interests of independent issues that lead to concern, due to the strategies used to gain their objectives as well as the disproportionate leverage and capacity that certain lobbies are able to exercise. pressure groups are considered a way of overcoming the democratic short fall of political participation being limited to a vote casted every five years, resulting in the public possessing a small amount of influence on decision making amid elections and little to no representation for the minorities. Pressure groups enhance the quality of democracy by developing participation to the political system. New matters and issues are able to reach the political agenda, so that facilitates societal progress. examples of this include feminist...

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3-Edexcel AS UK Government and Politics [by Neil McNaughton]
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