Privatization of Education System

Topics: Government, Education, Literacy Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The existing education system in Bangladesh does not seem very efficient to build ideal future citizens as there are lots of problems associated with it. The subject of argument is that whether privatization of the public institutions can be a solution to this problem or not. Privatization refers to the transfer of ownership or shifting the sector balance without redesigning the existing institutions from the government to the private hands. In fact, I believe that the education system in Bangladesh should be privatized to bring overall effifiency. There are numerous reasons behind my decision to take my stand on the privatization factor. The most important one is that- the privatized education system will establish a stable state in the entire process.. This is necessary because of the unstable political situation in our country. Every time the government changes and the new one has the tendency to make changes over the previous policies which resists both the teachers and the students to become skilled on a particular system. For example, our present govt has introduced a new pattern called creative analysis in the primary and secondary level. Again, The government changes the policies sometimes to become popular among people. For example, in the recent years our government has taken initiatives to increase the literacy rate. So steps have been taken to make people literate only leaving other important issues that increase the potential of the students. Moreover, often flexibility is maintained to increase the number of gpa 5 holders in the board examination .As a result the standard of eduacrion is not maintained properly. Another thing to be considered is that every year the number of students are increasing in the schools ,colleges and universities and capacity of the public institutions are not increasing proportionately. So a large number of students do not get chnces anywhere.. We should also concentrate on this problem while arguing on this topic...
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