Problems from Listening Materials

Topics: Linguistics, Understanding, Phonology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: November 13, 2013

Unfamiliar topics sometimes bring about a problem in listening comprehension. The listening material may contain a variety of fields in life or society. For instance, it is likely a business report, a daily conversation or a political issue which confuse the listener. These conversations may include words, phrases or terms unfamiliar to listeners. They are totally strange to them so it is such a hard job to listen when the message is full of terminology. The solution is to ask the students to practice as much as they can on these various materials. Therefore, they can get used to listening to the variety of topics without any difficulties. On the other hand, variety of accents causes difficulties to learners in listening comprehension since they do not have much exposure to different accents. For instance, if learners listen to French people speaking English, they will feel hard to understand him or her as they speak English in a native French intonation. For this linguistic feature, learners need much more exposing to different kinds of accents. Yagang (1994) assert that the listeners have tendency to get familiar with the accents which they mostly listen. If listeners are exposed to standard British or American accents, they will face problems in understanding other accents. Also, the linguistic features are language barrier to learners. The liaison, the linking of the first word and the word comes right after which begins with a vowel. Hence, they misunderstand the linking words or they have no idea of the meaning delivered. Another problem in listening is the elision of a sound or exactly a syllable in a word. These kinds of features may be encountered when the message is spoken at such a rapid speed mood that the sentences uttered can not be spoken word by word. Thus, students cannot recognize the words that they hear. Liaison and elision, as Yagang (1994) think, are difficulties which listener often face while listening. Normally, they get used to the...
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