Problems in Teaching English in Iranian high schools

Topics: Linguistics, Language education, Education Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: September 28, 2013
Problems in Teaching English in Iranian high schools

Shadi Shekarchi
Rudehen Islamic Azad University
Instructor: Dr. Mehdi Araghi
Educational research
Code: 0880
Winter 1384

A. Summary
This research has been performed in order to study the problems and weaknesses in teaching English in Iranian high schools. Grammar Translation Method which seems to be one of the most popular methods among English teachers in Iranian high schools is not a new method. It was created by German scholarship to help learners to learn foreign languages and to show that the importance of German or French language isn't less that English. On the other hand it was used to teach some classical languages such as Greek and Latin which are dead languages nowadays. Iranian high schools where this method is still the main way to teach English students are the imitators who listen memorize and repeat what they've heard. In fact teacher is the only active member of such a class.

B. Conclusion
Students who learn language by such a method can't use their knowledge of language of English to communicate although they might have a good background of English grammar and vocabulary. In fact communication which is the main aim of learning a foreign language can't be achieved by use of such a method.

C. Recommendations
Iranian education system especially the system of teaching second or foreign languages such as English needs a real revolution to get much better results in teaching English. GTM might be a good method in some ways but in fact it won't work with out help of some other new methods such as CLT or so on which paid much more attention to aural oral skills and at the same time to the reading and writing skills which are inseparable parts of a language. In fact using some methods which have paid the same attention to all skills of a language (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, meaning,) can open a new way in Iranian language...

Bibliography: and further reading
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