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Proctitis diet

The Proctitis Diet is a completely gluten free diet which means if you want to remain free from symptoms, manage your condition and protect yourself from future flare up’s then the diet must remain free from wheat in any form.

* Potatoes (all types including sweet potatoes, yams, etc) * Gluten Free Pasta’s (rice pastas, corn pasta’s, etc) * Maize or Corn products (example corn flakes)
* Polenta (also from corn) & Corn Flour
* White Rice (Bismati Rice)
* Rice Flour


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What is Proctitis?
Proctitis is an inflammation of the rectum that causes discomfort, bleeding, and occasionally, a discharge of mucus or pus.

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signs and symptoms

* Bloody stool
* Constipation
* Rectum bleeding
* Rectum discharge, pus
* Pain while bowel movement
* You may have minor symptoms such as tenderness in the anal region and mild irritation of the rectum.  


The treatment for proctitis depends on the cause of inflammation. Your doctor may recommend medications to lessen or relieve your pain. * Antibiotics are a drug use to treat infections caused by bacteria and other organism. * Antiviral are a medication used for treating viral infections (viruses).

* Colonoscopy
* Sigmoidoscopy
* Stool Test


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To reduce your risk of proctitis take steps to have safe sex, this protects you from sexually transmitted diseases. Have a limited amount of sex partners.
Don’t have sex with someone if...
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