Propaganda in " V for Vendetta

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Tahna Lindquist
Mrs. Thomas
English 5


Citizens in Gathering Blue seem to be happy, however; they all have a fear of the outside world, which is a dystopian characteristic. The Councils, the men who govern the town, tell the citizens that they should fear the woods and anything beyond the village. Parents’ start at a young age putting fear into the children to stay in their town and to let the councils and the men protect them. Another reason why they fear the out side world is because there is a so-called “beast”. Generations after generation pass down the stories of the beast and how it killed many of the people in the village. No one ever leaves the village except for the men who go hunting in the fields. Lastly the citizens fear the outside world because it is unknown to them. When people don’t know what’s really out there, they feel that terror could be out there.

The citizens feel that the government is helping them but when in reality they restrict citizens of information, independent thought and freedom, which are all, demonstrated many times through out the novel. To start with, there is a young girl Jo, who is taken from her family and imprisoned by the council to sing at their annual Gathering. No one in the town knows that she is being treated badly and held under command by the council of guardians. Another way the Guardians of council discovers the old lady who lives on the outside of town knows information about their government, like there is no such things as beasts, she is then taken to the field to die. Lastly Kira’s dad Christopher was supposed to be appointed to head council but Jamison killed him
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