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Conversation with a Toddler
One of the most commonly used forms of communication throughout the world is language. Our language develops since a very young age, usually the first three years of life are considered to be the most intensive for acquiring speech and language skills. This is why it is so important for adults to be able to interact, engage in joint conversations, provide children with more information about objects, emotions, or events, and reading to them; as well as providing them with other features that are used in order to promote the early development of language.

Every day we have conversations with both adults and children, but how often do we really pay attention to the way that we speak to them, and in what ways does it differs from our usual forms of conversation with adults? When talking to children one needs to realize that their brains are still developing and maturing, which is why it is important for adults to use less complex language such as directions, praising, and rhetorical questions. Even when talking to my toddler and preschooler I notice that there is a difference in the way I speak to them because they are different age groups and although they are very close in age they are both learning language skills at their own pace. I have noticed that with my oldest daughter I am able to engage in more complex conversations with her than I am able to with my younger daughter. For example, I use different types of words and grammar with her than I would with my youngest because I know

she is at that level of understanding. Whereas, if I would talk to an adult it’s completely different because their experience with talking with others, matured language development and knowledge allows for adults not to always have to stop and explain certain words, use multiple words that are less complex, the need to constantly repeat oneself, etc. In contrast, with children it is the complete opposite, you have to speak slower,...
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