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Topics: Government, Political science, Policy Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: January 30, 2014
QUESTION:Is knowledge of law needed in and for public administration practice? Use SC: Ch.1 to help you to frame your thoughts and discuss the issues persuasively. It should be at least half a page long and thoughtfully put together. In addition, respond to two other postings in about two paragraphs each (12.5 points).

In this week’s discussion post we encounter Steven J. Cann’s Chapter one titled Politics, Democracy, and Bureaucracy”. Cann emphasizes on Public administration in chapter one into detailed meanings: primarily, it is concerned with the execution of government policy; second, it is an academic discipline that practices this implementation and prepares civilian servants for working in the public service. As an arena of analysis with a varied opportunities as its essential objective which is to develop management and procedures so that government can properly function. Some of the various definitions which have been offered by Cann in chapter 1 for the term democracy is the form of government in which people have some influence over the policies that affect their lives. The bigger picture is that if the interpretation of government into the authenticity those citizens see every single day. The study of government decision making is basically the study of the policies themselves, the numerous contributions that have formed them, and the involvements required to create alternative strategies and require extensive knowledge of the laws in order to provide what is best for society and our nation. Cann introduces democracy and bureaucracy as a centrally concerned with the society of government policies and programmes as well as the actions of bureaucrats formally which are accountable for their demeanors. Many unelected public officials can be considered to be public bureaucrats, including for example city manager, district managers, regional, state and federal sectors such as public budget administrators, human resources managers and city directors....
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